Can You Run A Pool Pump With A Solar Cover On?

It is perfectly safe to run the pool pump while the solar cover is on the pool. The solar cover does not interfere with the water circulation of the pump at all and does not get sucked into the skimmer. By running the pump with the solar cover on, you can save time and money … Read more

Which Thickness Pool Solar Cover Is The Best To Use?

After some research, I found that a pool solar cover between 12millimeters and 16millimeters was the best for heat retention. Thicker solar covers absorbed and retain more heat and are more durable against sun damage, chemical resistance, and ripping. Thicker solar covers aren’t as easily blown off the pool by strong winds.  Solar covers are … Read more

By How Many Degrees Will A Solar Cover Heat Up Pool Water?

How fast a pool can be heated during the day generally depends on how many hours of direct sunlight your pool is getting each day. Therefore a solar pool cover needs to cover the pool for the available duration of sunlight which can increase the temperature of the swimming pool water by up to 15 … Read more

Right Way For Bubbles To Face When Covering A Pool With A Solar Pool Cover

This is a very good question, and a common one too. Many people wonder if they should place their pool blanket bubbles up or down. The answer is definitely bubbles must face down. Why is this? Your pool cover is designed to absorb heat from the sun and then transfer this heat into the pool water. By facing … Read more