10 Best Plants To Plant Around Your Pool

Choosing plants for the surroundings of your swimming pool is a choice which must be aesthetic, to give style to your pool, and practical by opting for resistant plants. Tropical spirit, landscaped garden or more classic: what plants to plant around your swimming pool?

Above all, it seems important that you favor plants that withstand exposure to the sun and are robust. Among them, here are the plants to plant around your swimming pool.

To be planted alone or ideally in beds to give more volume to your landscaped garden around the swimming pool.

  1. Palm trees
    Installing palm trees around your swimming pool is a great classic… which always has an effect. For a swimming pool that looks like heavenly beaches. There are different species of palm trees. It’s up to you to choose according to the climate in your region and the space you have around the pool.
  1. Perennials
    Perennials have the advantage of living for several years, and of resisting winter well. In other words, installing a bed of perennials around your swimming pool means making sure you enjoy a new flowering every year.
    Which perennials to choose from? Santoline, Coreopsis, Gauras… The choice is yours. They are many.
  1. Shrub roses
    Roses are an aesthetic choice (what could be more majestic than a rosebush?) And a fragrant choice because they diffuse a sweet fragrance around the pool. Shrub roses have the advantage of offering great vegetation. You can opt for the Golden Nuggets, very vigorous, or the Heatwave which blooms all summer.
  1. Ground cover roses
    Another species of roses: the ground cover, with a creeping habit, to create a flowery and natural fragrant carpet at the edges of the swimming pool. To choose? The slightly spicy Galizia or the Lac Blanc blooms just before summer.
  1. Trees and shrubs
    To give a little height to your flower bed around the swimming pool. To choose? Buddleias because they attract butterflies… nothing like it around the pool.
  1. Perennial grasses
    Grasses are those large perennials with variegated foliage… Do you see? They bring a slightly wild touch to your garden. The advantage is that they tolerate heat well, and exposure to full sun. Finally, they do not require a lot of maintenance, which leaves you time to lounge around the pool.
  1. Lavender for a large bed
    Several lavender plants, cut into a ball, will give you the impression of being on vacation… all year round. Other benefits of lavender? They smell particularly good, they require little maintenance and they do not care about drought.
  1. A Hibiscus
    For Mediterranean decor or to give your installation around the pool the air of wild beaches, hibiscus is ideal. Little extra: some varieties are perennial which will allow you to keep them for several years.
  1. Bougainvillea
    Just like the hibiscus, the bougainvillea is essential to give a Mediterranean air to your landscaped garden. However, it is not frost resistant. So it is better to choose a bougainvillea if you live in an area with mild winters. To be planted in spring in a warm place sheltered from the wind.
  1. Jasmine … for its scent
    Jasmine is above all a fragrant choice. Prefer Officinale jasmine, with Spanish jasmine, which is more resistant to cold. The ideal is to offer him support to climb… Always in the sun and sheltered from the wind.