Best Inflatable Swimming Pool For Kids

Are you looking for a manageable size pool for the kids to swim in on those hot days in summer? Or are you looking for a pool for yourself as an adult to cool off on those hot sunny days? This pool can be used for both kids and adults.

This pool is made from a 0.4mm thick PVC material which is twice as thick as other inflatable pools of the same size. The size of this inflatable pool is 95in x 56in x 22 in.

The pool set comes with 2 repair patches for those unwanted punctures. The pool is made with 3 separate individual air chambers to adjust the height of the pool safely.

Unfortunately the pool is not sold with an air pump nor a tarp to protect the base of the pool.

This pool is sold with a One Year Warranty.

I have put together more information about the pool which I think is going to be helpful to you for deciding whether this pool is right for you and your family.

Does this pool have a drainage hole? Yes. There is a drainage hole on the bottom to let the water out.

Up to what level do you fill the pool with water? When the pool is inflated you will see a scale line on the inside of the pool which is the top of the second ring. Never fill it to the top.

What kind of pump will work to inflate the pool? You can use a manual hand or foot pump. If you are lazy like me then a mattress pump will work just fine.

How much water does the pool hold and how long does it take to fill up? The pool holds 162 gallons of water and takes only 15 minutes to fill using a hosepipe.

How can the water be kept clean? This is a kids pool that does not come with any filtration system nor chemicals. A 1in chlorine tablet for small pools can be put into a mini floating chlorine dispenser. This generally lasts for a week. Then the water must be changed.

The other helpful tip to keeping it clean is to get a leaf net. When everybody has finished swimming, then take all the leaves, grass, etc out of the pool using the leaf net.

You can cover the pool with a tarp overnight. The water should last about 3 days before it must be drained and changed. After 3 days algae will start to form in the water which is not healthy for anybody.

How can you clean the pool? After multiple uses, the pool starts to become slimy inside and will need to be cleaned. All you need to use is dishwashing soap (must not be abrasive) cloth and the water in the pool. I tell you, this will be the best fun an adult will ever have. (from experience)

Where should you place this pool? Placing the pool on concrete, paving or tar is not recommend. Placing the pool on grass is recommended. It will advisable to put a tarp or play sand, or both underneath the pool.

How many people can fit in this pool? Only 2 adults or 3 kids.

Can this pool stay out in the sun? Only when swimming, or when there is water in it. I would suggest that when swimming is finished, or when bad weather comes that the pool gets drained and packed away under shelter. The pool material is not made to last under the heat of direct sunlight for long periods of time.

Is it ok for dogs to jump into this pool? No its not a good idea. Their nails will tear the bottom of the pool.

How do you drain the pool? There’s a drain plug on the bottom of the pool. The drain plug and pipe are integrated. Just open the drain plug and it will empty the water easily.

I hope my information has made it easier for you to decide if this is the right pool for your family. Happy swimming!