How To Calculate Volume Of Water In Any Swimming Pool

it’s important to know how many Liters your swimming pool holds, so you can be sure you’re adding the right amount of chemicals. it doesn’t
really matter what shape you’re swimming pool is.

Here’s a quick and simple way of estimating how much water is in it. Start by measuring the length and the width of your swimming pool by pacing it out in steps that are about one meter in length.

Lastly, measure the depth using your swimming pool pole, hold it vertically in the shallow end and mark the depth of the water and estimate how many meters it is. Then do the same again in the deep end.

Now add the two depths together and divide by two. This will give you the average depth of your swimming pool.

Ok, now just multiply the length by the width by the depth in meters then multiply that answer by 1,000, and this will give you your swimming pool volume in liters.

It might be easier to group your swimming pool into one of the 3 most common swimming pool sizes.

A small size swimming pool is up to 30,000 liters. A medium-size swimming pool is around 50,000 liters and a large-sized swimming pool is more than 50,000 liters.

Now you know what size your swimming pool is you can manage the water treatment perfectly.