How To Open An Above Ground Pool

Summer is near and great weather is coming! With hot days, now is a great time to open up your above ground pool. Use this five-step guide to make sure you don’t forget anything. You can enjoy swimming faster and longer. Step One: Clean The Pool The first step is to clean the pool from … Read more

How To Add Algaecide To Your Pool

Swimming pools built both at ground level and above ground level have problems with algae during warm months. Symptoms of its action include greenish and / or cloudy water. Algaecide is a chemical that comes in two forms. The treatment form kills the algae in the water, while the other maintenance form inhibits the growth of new algae. Among … Read more

How To Acid Wash Your Pool

An acid wash is the most effective way to deal with the problem of harmful algae, but if you do it too often, you will end up paying for a pool replacement. Acid washing will literally remove a thin layer of plaster, allowing you to start over. With most layers of pool plaster about 1.25 … Read more

How To Connect A Pool Vacuum

The pool vacuum cleaner is an accessory that allows you to easily suck up the impurities present in the bottom of the pool. But how do you connect it correctly in the swimming pool? Normally, a pool vacuum cleaner (manual or automatic) is connected to either the vacuum or the pool skimmer.Before connecting the pool … Read more

How To Shock A Pool? A Complete Guide

If the water in your pool has lost its crystal clear appearance, if it has changed color, towards green and if you are concerned that it will get worse in the next 24 hours, shock treatment is the best choice. What Is Pool Shock? Pool shock is made of a liquid, granular or powdered oxidizer … Read more