Coleman Power Steel 52 inch Frame Swimming Pool Set

Summer is around the corner and the kids have been nagging for a pool for months. The time has come to decide which one to buy. This pool is excellent for families because of its size and strong steel frame. The 22ft x 52in Coleman Steel swimming pool set is an excellent choice due to … Read more

Right Way For Bubbles To Face When Covering A Pool With A Solar Pool Cover

This is a very good question, and a common one too. Many people wonder if they should place their pool blanket bubbles up or down. The answer is definitely bubbles must face down. Why is this? Your pool cover is designed to absorb heat from the sun and then transfer this heat into the pool water. By facing … Read more

7 Ways To Heat A Swimming Pool

The water in your pool is too cold? In this case, you are probably not going to swim. If you don’t want to enjoy your pool only on sunny days, you should opt for an efficient heating system. Without heating, the water in your pool will not exceed 22 degrees, and maybe even 25 degrees if it’s … Read more

How to Clean and Care For an Automatic Pool Cover

Normally, pool owners are mainly concerned with cleaning and maintaining their pool, but what about the automatic pool cover? Just as your pool requires care, so does your pool cover. I am going to list the most important tips to successfully care for and clean your automatic pool cover. What To Check On Your Automatic … Read more