How Does A Pool Salt Chlorinator Work

Electrolysis is a process that turns salt into chlorine and makes life easier for pool owners. But, how does it work? What are the advantages and disadvantages? How Does Electrolysis Work The transformation process is simple, you still need to have the right amount of salt in the pool and the filtration is working. Swimming … Read more

How To Install An Intex Pump

Intex is a company that sells accessories and pools to be installed above ground. Intex pools are widely used by people who do not want to dig up their garden to install and build a conventional pool. Intex offers customers the option of purchasing the new “Easy Set” pool, which is soft-sided and removable at the end … Read more

How To Set A Pool Timer

Each pool should have a filter pump running on a timer to save energy. Pools must circulate all the water every eight hours. The pumps usually run ten hours a day, depending on the system, air temperature, sunlight, and pool usage. Setting a pool timer to turn the pump on and off is pretty simple. Step 1 Turn … Read more

10 Best Plants To Plant Around Your Pool

Choosing plants for the surroundings of your swimming pool is a choice which must be aesthetic, to give style to your pool, and practical by opting for resistant plants. Tropical spirit, landscaped garden or more classic: what plants to plant around your swimming pool? Above all, it seems important that you favor plants that withstand … Read more