How To Clean A Pool Salt Chlorinator Cell

Swimming pool salt electrolysis works perfectly when the electrodes are clean. Conductivity and chlorine production are then at their peak. This chemical process requires little maintenance, nevertheless it is still essential to clean regularly. Why Clean The Salt Chlorinator Cell There are two reasons for descaling the salt chlorinator cell. The first, because the lime, … Read more

How To Acid Wash A Swimming Pool

Washing your pool with acid is very useful, whether your pool looks like a swamp, or if you just want it to look clean and fresh. Pools need this process, also called “draining and cleaning,” when winterizing them is not done properly, or when a lot of algae is formed from long-term lack of use … Read more

How To Drain An Above Ground Pool

While it is extremely rare to drain an in-ground pool, it is much more common to drain an above-ground pool, whether tubular or freestanding. Especially when the good weather arrives so that it is ready for the summer season. Why Drain An Above Ground Pool Even if it is not essential, many owners of above-ground … Read more

How To Clean An Inflatable Pool

It has surely happened to you that, when the end of the swimming season has come, the pool was so dirty that you have directly thrown it away. If you don’t know how to clean an inflatable pool , today we tell you how to do it. Why Clean An Inflatable Pool Cleaning children’s inflatable … Read more