Yes, A Pool’s Water Level Must Be Lowered For Winter

The arrival of winter is the start of winterizing for outdoor pools. Should the water level in a swimming pool be lowered? The answer is yes.  Why Lower the Water Level in a Pool During winter, if the outside temperatures are cold, the water can turn into ice. And, it’s a scientific fact that ice takes up more space than water. Result: … Read more

How To Close an Above Ground Pool for Winter

Every fall is the time to close the pool. It is best to wait until the water temperature is below 12 degrees Celsius or 54 degrees Fahrenheit. The pool water will retain its properties and algae will not be able to grow. In addition, it will be easier to reopen your pool in the spring. Several steps are … Read more

How To Clean A Swimming Pool Liner

Over time, a pool liner gets old, discolored, get dirty … To keep it in good condition for a few more years, you can easily clean it.  Why Maintain the Liner of Pool The pool liner is one of the most important parts of a swimming pool. If it is dirty, the color of the water may change. And … Read more

How To Remove Black Spots From Underneath A Pool Liner

Sometimes black spots appear on the walls of your pool. This may be due to a local proliferation of algae, the presence of metal particles in the water or high humidity under the liner. There are different types of stains, some are white and come from limestone, others are at the waterline and are caused by … Read more