How To Add Hydrochloric Acid To A Swimming Pool

I will explain here what the hydrochloric acid is used for in the swimming pool: by descaling and the dosage to lower the TAC and the pH. Hydrochloric acid is a dangerous chemical compound. It should be handled with care, especially gloves and protective glasses. For the treatment of the swimming pool, one can often use other … Read more

How To Shock A Pool?

The shock treatment of a swimming pool is for corrective purposes. If your water has lost its transparency and its crystal clean appearance, if it has changed color, tending towards green and if you are concerned that it will get worse in the next 24 hours, shock treatment is the best choice. This is the last winning … Read more

How To Regulate the PH of a Pool

The pH level of the water is a very important value for safe swimming and enjoying clean, crystal clear water. Knowing how to adjust the pH levels of a pool is very important for the safety of swimmers. Along with chlorine, pH is a fundamental element for the water to be clean and clear. But, … Read more

Can You Swim In A Green Pool?

The question you are asking your self is can I swim in a green pool? The answer is NO. In this article, I will explain why pool water turns green and what that water can do to you if you swim in it. Why Does Pool Water Turn Green? 1 There is an imbalance in … Read more

How To Raise Low Chlorine Levels In Your Pool

Maintaining the correct Chlorine level in a swimming pool is important. If the level drops too low then there is a possibility of Bacteria and Algae Growth in the water. The correct level of Chlorine in a residential swimming pool should be between 1-3ppm. If the level is below 1ppm then there is no sanitizer … Read more