Coleman Power Steel 52 inch Frame Swimming Pool Set

Summer is around the corner and the kids have been nagging for a pool for months. The time has come to decide which one to buy. This pool is excellent for families because of its size and strong steel frame.

The 22ft x 52in Coleman Steel swimming pool set is an excellent choice due to its high strength and durable frame. Included in the pool set is a ground sheet to protect the pool liner from being punctured.

A maintenance kit, which includes a manual vacuum head with a pole, pipes, and leaf net is included in the pool set.

Also included is a pool cover to keep dirt and debris out of the water when the family is not swimming. A ladder is also included to make getting in and out of the pool, a lot easier as the pool sides are too high to step over.

A 2500-gallon per hour pool pump and cartridge filter come standard with the pool. The metal frame has a rust-resistant coating to make it last longer. The pool siding also has a drain valve for easy pool water draining.

I have put together more information about the pool which I think is going to be helpful to you for deciding whether this pool is right for you and your family.

What type of filter does the standard pool pump have? The pump uses an Intex cartridge type B filter or Bestway cartridge Type IV/B filter.

Is the pool sold with a skimmer? Unfortunately not. It is advisable to purchase one to help the main filter in the pump. I recommend using an Intex wall mounted skimmer for trapping the larger debris.

How many gallons of water does this pool hold? This pool holds an average of 10,668 gallons of water.

Is the standard pool pump reliable? This is a difficult answer. Many of these pumps last for over 2 years. But some fail earlier. I think it is the build quality of the pump and how a person looks after it. The filter needs to be cleaned or changed regularly to keep debris away from the pump impeller and seals.

What replacement pump can be used if the standard pump fails? An Xtremepower 13in Sand Filter Pump. 2400GPH 4-Way Valve 10,000GAL Water capacity can be used. A sand filter is recommended here as sand is a better medium for filtration. Also, the replacement pump should have the same or a greater GPH rating as the standard pump. When changing the pump you might need to purchase adapters as the pipe sizes could be different.

Can this pool be changed to saltwater? Yes, it can. The only problem is that the metal frame is much more susceptible to rust. You can use the Intex Krystal Clear 2150 GPH Sand Filter Pump & Saltwater System with an integrated chlorinator. Your pool water is always crystal clear with a saltwater conversion. When changing the pump you might need to purchase adapters as the pipe sizes could be different.

How many people can be in the pool at once? The pool can take 6 adults and 4 kids and there was still space left over. You can still move around freely with this amount of people.

How long does it take to fill up this pool? With a standard garden hose pipe, it takes about 30hours. Try using 2 garden hose pipes and it will go much quicker.

Do you need to disassemble and pack the pool away for winter? The manufacturer says you should. But it is not necessary. If you stay where it does not snow then be sure to remove the cover frequently to prevent black algae, green algae actually only grow in very clean water, but mustard algae can be a problem with changes in season.

The best advice is to make sure it gets sunlight, and treat it with chlorine and algaecide that kills both green and mustard algae ( the one that makes the pool look a bit yellow)

If you stay where it snows and the temperatures are below freezing, keep the cover on. I do suggest taking the pump and pipes indoors during the winter months. The water will freeze and break the pump and pipes. I also suggest draining the pool water to below the pump inlet and return holes in the pool.

Does the original pool pump help chlorinate the pool water? No, it does not. You will have to buy chlorine tablets and the chlorine tablet floater.

Can you use a Intex sand filter pump for this pool? Yes you can. I recommend using this pump.

How much does it cost to fill this pool? It will cost about $400.

How deep is the pool? The pool wall height is 52in and the water depth when full is 48in/4ft.

Can the pool be installed on concrete? No. Definitely not. Concrete is too hard and rough. It should be set on the grass. It must be on level ground. You can put sand down first then the tarp, then the pool on top of the tarp.

How to setup the pool? I have found a video that explains exactly how to set up this pool.

I hope that the information has helped you towards making a decision on buying this pool. I have covered most of the areas of concern and questions relating to this pool before a person makes a buying decision. I wish you many years of fun times and enjoyment with family and friends with whichever pool you decide to buy.