How Does A Pool Salt Chlorinator Work

Electrolysis is a process that turns salt into chlorine and makes life easier for pool owners. But, how does it work? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

How Does Electrolysis Work

The transformation process is simple, you still need to have the right amount of salt in the pool and the filtration is working. Swimming pool electrolysis is made up of a body which encloses the electrodes which can be in the form of a plate or a grid, and an electrical box. It is the electrodes and the electric current that transform the salt into chlorine.

When the water passes through the cell of the electrolyser, the titanium plates or grids, in contact with the water, are polarized by the low voltage current, oxidize the salt present in the water, and transform it into hypochlorite sodium (natural chlorine). The low voltage electric current associated with the electrodes creates an electrochemical reaction, which dissociates the salt molecules into chlorine and sodium ions.

The chlorine thus produced by electrolysis is pure and natural. On contact with water, this chlorine divides into active chlorine and soda. It destroys germs, algae, bacteria, fungi and organic waste.

Then, once the chlorine has finished its action, under the effect of ultraviolet radiation from the sun, a chemical reaction is created and the process reverses. Sodium hypochlorite recombines with caustic soda and turns back into salt. This treatment is based on a perpetual cycle.

Disadvantages Of A Swimming Pool Salt Chlorinator

The initial investment (device + salt + installation) remains quite expensive. The cell is to be changed approximately every 6 years. This swimming pool treatment produces soda which raises the ph of the water. The installation of a ph regulation is recommended, otherwise it must be monitored and rectified regularly.

Although swimming pool water is 10 to 15 times less salty than sea water, its very slight odor and very slight salty taste may be displeasing.

Advantages Of A Swimming Pool Salt Chlorinator

Salt electrolysis is a 100% natural swimming pool treatment that produces natural chlorine. It is an effective, ecological, gentle treatment which remains effective with water at high temperature (28 ° C).
It is sufficient on its own, no need for algaecide, or exempt chlorine shock for restarting.

With ph regulation, it works autonomously. It offers a very pleasant comfort and quality of bathing, no irritation, no smell, the skin does not pull, the eyes are not irritated.