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The length of time a swimming pool pump needs to run for depends on a couple of different factors. The main two are, the amount of water a pool has and the size of the pool pump. The other determining factor is the condition of the swimming pool water.

How Long Should I Run My Pool Pump?

In this article, we are assuming that the pool water is in good condition. That the Chlorine, PH, and Total Alkalinity levels are all within their acceptable ranges. In Summer the total amount of water in a swimming pool needs to be filtered at least once every 24hours. In Winter the pump filtering time can be reduced to half.

Below is a chart that gives different pool sizes in liters, pool pump sizes, and sand filter sizes. Within the chart is the amount of hours to run a pool pump. Look at the pool pump itself to find out the kW rating. There will be a tag or a metal plate attached to the pump with the information stamped on it. To find out how many liters of water are in your swimming pool click on this link which takes you to the HTH website. The information in the chart below is sourced from the HTH website.

Pool Pump Run Time In Hours

Pool Size
In Liters
Sand Filter Size:
2 Bags
Pool Pump Size:
Sand Filter Size:
3 Bags
Pool Pump Size:
Sand Filter Size:
4 Bags
Pool Pump Size:
10000 L2 hrs2 hrs1.5 hrs
15000 L3 hrs2.5 hrs2 hrs
20000 L4 hrs3 hrs3 hrs
25000 L5 hrs4 hrs3.5 hrs
30000 L6 hrs5 hrs4 hrs
35000 L7.5 hrs5.5 hrs5 hrs
40000 L8.5 hrs6.5 hrs5.5 hrs
45000 L9.5 hrs7 hrs6 hrs
50000 L10.5 hrs8 hrs7 hrs
60000 L13 hrs10 hrs8 hrs
70000 L15 hrs11 hrs9.5 hrs
80000 L17 hrs13 hrs11 hrs
90000 L19 hrs14.5 hrs12.5 hrs
100000 L21 hrs16 hrs14 hrs