How To Add Algaecide To Your Pool

Swimming pools built both at ground level and above ground level have problems with algae during warm months. Symptoms of its action include greenish and / or cloudy water. Algaecide is a chemical that comes in two forms. The treatment form kills the algae in the water, while the other maintenance form inhibits the growth of new algae. Among the brands we find HTH, Eclipse 3 and In the Swim.

Step 1

Backwash the pool filter. Read the instructions to know how to do it correctly.

Step 2

Impact the pool with 1 pound (4,500 kg) of Super Shock treatment.

Step 3

Calculate the number of gallons (liters) of water in your pool. See Resources to find out how to calculate the capacity of your pool.

Step 4

Measure the algaecide for treatment according to the capacity calculation. You will find the measuring instructions on your bottle or container. Algaecides differ quite a bit; you should check and follow the product instructions very carefully.

Step 5

Mix the algaecide with water, if necessary. Some come in the form of a concentrated liquid or powder. Read the instructions on the container to find out how to mix it.

Step 6

Add the mixture or the diluted product directly to the pool water, going around its perimeter as you pour it.

Step 7

Add a clarifier if the water remains cloudy after a few hours of the initial treatment with the algaecide. When doing so, follow the instructions to the letter. A small amount of the clarifier is diluted in a little pool water and then dispersed over its entire surface. This product will cause the algae to bind together, allowing the filter system to trap them along with the debris.

Step 8

Repeat this process daily or every other day as long as the algae persists. They are constantly growing, so you must act fast to free yourself from the problem.