How To Change A Pool Light Bulb In 9 Easy Steps

Has your pool light bulb blown? By following these 9 easy steps you will be able to change the bulb in no time.

You will need:

  • A replacement bulb
  • A replacement lens gasket
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Multimeter
  • A couple of towels

Turn off all the electrical power to the pool. Go to your main circuit breaker box for your house. There should be a circuit breaker for the pool. Switch it off. Then go to the pool area where you should have another electrical box, housing other circuit breakers for the pool lights and pool pump. Switch all those circuit breakers off too. You need to make sure the electricity is off because you will be working with the pool lights in the water so you do not want to get electrocuted.

Remove the single pilot screw from the top of the pool light housing. You will need to use a Philips or a Flathead screwdriver. Turn the screw counterclockwise. If the light is too low or if your arm is too short to reach from the side of the pool you will have to get into the pool to remove the screw and pool light.

Remove the light from the Niche Box by using a Flathead screwdriver. Once the light is loose, remove it from its niche box and place it on a towel on the pool deck. The lights cord would be long enough for you to do this. Wipe the light dry with a towel.

Remove the lights face ring, lens gasket, and lens to get to the light bulb. If there is corrosion on any of these parts they will need to be cleaned off before assembly.

Unscrew the blown light bulb. Wipe the inside of the light fixture clean with a towel. Screw in the new bulb. Do not overtighten it. Now fit the lens back with the new lens gasket. Lastly, refit the face ring.

Switch the main breaker back on to see if the new globe is working before you refit the light back in the pool. Do not switch the pool light on for more than 3 seconds when it is out of the pool as it can burn out. If the light does not work then there is generally a problem with the wiring. The pool lights wiring works on the negative side of its electrical circuit. Have a qualified electrician fix the fault if you are not confident to do so by yourself.

When the light is working switch off the main breaker before refitting the light in the pool. Submerge the pool light underwater for 1 minute to see if the lens gasket is sealing correctly. There should be no air bubbles coming from the outer edges of the face ring and there should be no water inside the light housing.

Refit the light back into the pool wall. Put the wiring into the niche first then refit the pool light. Tighten the pilot screw clockwise back into the top of the pool light housing.

Turn the main breaker back on to double-check that the light works. You have successfully replaced your pool light globe in about one hour. Well done. Enjoy your swimming at night.