How To Clean A Swimming Pool Liner

Over time, a pool liner gets old, discolored, get dirty … To keep it in good condition for a few more years, you can easily clean it. 

Why Maintain the Liner of Pool

The pool liner is one of the most important parts of a swimming pool. If it is dirty, the color of the water may change. And over time, the liner can quickly get dirty due to the natural elements that can fall into the water (leaves, dirty rainwater, pollen, etc.), and through heavy use of the pool.

A swimming pool liner has an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years. It is important to ensure that it remains clean during all these years:

  • By making sure to maintain a good water balance (pH level, disinfectant level)
  • Be careful not to dirty it: avoid swimming after having spread tanning oil on the body for example or, even, avoid throwing things in the swimming pool.
  • By acting quickly when traces appear on the liner.

Tips for Cleaning the Pool Liner

There are liner cleaners, products specially developed to remove stains and traces of dirt on a liner. Just apply the product on a sponge, or with a cleaning glove, and rub. The idea is to proceed in a circular fashion: make circles by rubbing. This will absorb dirt particles without damaging the liner.

Other tips on how to clean the liner:

  • You can clean your pool with a  magic eraser, a white sponge, and rub the liner with a little water. It removes the most stubborn traces, without even using a cleaning product.
  • There is also what is called the silver stone. This is a clay-based, biodegradable solution. You just need to impregnate the silver stone with a sponge and rub on the traces.
  • You can finally use white vinegar. With a sponge and a little elbow grease, you can easily remove all traces on the liner.
  • To remove stains related to the presence of algae in the water, you can use a chlorine tablet (with gloves!) Or carry out a shock treatment with chlorine.