How To Clean An Inflatable Pool

It has surely happened to you that, when the end of the swimming season has come, the pool was so dirty that you have directly thrown it away. If you don’t know how to clean an inflatable pool , today we tell you how to do it.

Why Clean An Inflatable Pool

Cleaning children’s inflatable pools is essential to keep the little ones away from many diseases. And the fact is that the stagnant water of this type of swimming pool without a purifier is the best breeding ground for microscopic life. Germs and bacteria that can cause gastrointestinal, skin, ear, eye, respiratory, neurological infections, etc. especially if it is used by several children.

If it is not maintained, the water in children’s inflatable pools turns green, full of algae and produces a bad smell. This in turn encourages the proliferation of mosquito pests that find the appropriate natural habitat to reproduce.

How To Clean An Inflatable Pool

When cleaning children’s inflatable pools, you will realize that it is a more or less complicated task depending on the size of the pool.

If the inflatable pool is small, you can clean it with a scouring pad and mild soap. Make sure to thoroughly clean areas with creases as this is where more dirt, algae, and germs can accumulate. Once well soaped, proceed to remove all the soap and foam with the help of pressurized water from a hose. If you turn the inflatable pool on its side , you can easily get rid of the soap residue. The pool will be like new, ready to be filled again.

However, you can also find much larger inflatable pools on the market that are difficult to handle when loaded with water. In this case, before cleaning the pool, it would be advisable to empty it beforehand. Depending on the model, it may have a drain valve to make it easier for you. If it does not have it, you will have to resort to emptying it little by little by removing buckets of water from it, for example.

You may not need to flush the water every time. But for that you must know how to clean the bottom of an inflatable pool .

How To Maintain An Inflatable Pool

In the case of inflatable pools, many times “it is better to be safe than sorry”. That is, before reaching the point where the water is dirty and has to be thrown away, it is better to find out how to keep an inflatable pool clean.

The best ways to keep the water in an inflatable pool clean all summer long are to:

Empty, Clean, and Refill.
If the inflatable pool is small, and emptying and refilling it does not waste a lot of water, the best way to keep the children’s pool clean is to remove the water, rub it with a kitchen scouring pad and refill it. In this case, you can use the pool water to water the plants and thus waste less water.

Buy A Pool Cover That Fits
Fitting a pool Cover to cover it while not in use protects the water from bugs, leaves, and other unwanted floating elements. This will help you keep the water clean for longer.

Use A Pool Leaf Collector Daily.
It is inevitable that the leaves or the bugs fall into the water, so it is very practical that you have a leaf catcher to make it easier for you to remove them.

Use Chemicals For An Inflatable Pool.
When the inflatable pool has a medium or large size, it begins to be advisable to use a chemical product that helps you keep the water. This way you will avoid wasting thousands of liters of water, in addition to saving on your bill. Chlorine and anti-algae products will be your allies so that the water is clean for longer.

A Water Purifier. Another option when the inflatable pool is large is to buy a simple water purifier, which circulates the liquid and filters the dirt that it may have. This will keep it clean for weeks.

A Pool Cleaner.
It is not common in inflatable pools, but it may be the case that your pool model is XXL and it may be useful to have a pool cleaner. In this case, you will have to assess whether it is worth investing in a device of this type, as it could be even more expensive than the inflatable pool itself.

If you did not know how to clean an inflatable pool , after arriving here you will have realized that you have enough possibilities to conserve the water in a plastic pool. It is not just a matter of aesthetics, so that the water is clear. The main reason to keep the water in a pool of this type clean is for a health issue.