How To Clean The Cartridge Filter Of Your Pool

The more a cartridge filter works, the more it clogs up. And the more it clogs, the less it is able to filter the dirt and impurities present in the water of your pool. This is why it is important to clean it regularly.

Why clean the cartridge filter?

The cartridge filter is an important piece of equipment that allows quality filtration due to its pleated filter media. The only downside is that this type of pool filter gets dirty and clogs quite quickly.
If you want to have an optimal filtration system and swim in perfectly clean pool water, it is therefore important to clean it regularly. In high season, when the pool is used every day, it is also advisable to clean the cartridge filter at least once or twice a week.

How to dismantle the cartridge filter to clean it?

The first step to cleaning a pool cartridge filter is of course to dismantle it. To do this, you must first switch off the pool pump. and close the outlet and inlet valves.
Then, once you have opened the drain plug, you will be able to access the filter cover. Once the filter cover is open, then remove the filter from its tank. Before cleaning the filter, do not forget to clean the bottom of the tank!

Note: When you have finished cleaning, replace the filter, close the drain plug, re-open the valves, and restart the pool pump.

Equipment Needed to clean the cartridge filter

To clean a cartridge filter properly, you just need a jet of water and a soft brush. For the cleaning to be done thoroughly and to be effective, do not hesitate to move all the folds of the filter, and always clean from the inside to the outside.

Note: For your convenience, there are commercially available, water jet heads and cleaning brushes that are specifically designed for cleaning cartridge filters.

Soak the cartridge filter to remove fatty deposits

To remove fatty deposits (sun oils, algae, etc.), it is also necessary to soak the cartridge filter for at least 3-4 hours (an entire night if possible) in a pool filter cleaner that can be purchased from your local pool store.
Alternatively, you can also soak the cartridge filter in a water-washing-up liquid mixture, or a water-bicarbonate mixture.
And when your cartridge filter is clogged up with mineral deposits (copper, iron, etc.), you can soak the filter for 15 minutes in a water-hydrochloric acid mixture (20 parts of water for one part of acid).

It is very important to rinse the cartridge well with water before putting it back in its tank!