How To Connect A Pool Vacuum

The pool vacuum cleaner is an accessory that allows you to easily suck up the impurities present in the bottom of the pool. But how do you connect it correctly in the swimming pool?

Normally, a pool vacuum cleaner (manual or automatic) is connected to either the vacuum or the pool skimmer.
Before connecting the pool vacuum cleaner, you must always start by putting the multi-way valve in the filtration position. Then, connect the telescopic handle to the head of the vacuum cleaner, then screw the floating pool hose onto the vacuum cleaner.

There Are Two Ways To Connect A Pool Vacuum

If a pool vacuum cleaner must be connected to a vacuum: after having checked that the vacuum pipe is working properly (with the palm of your hand held in front of it), making sure there is suction. Screw or push the pool vacuum cleaner hose onto the brush/vacuum socket. This should be done easily, without having to force in any way.

If a pool vacuum cleaner must be connected to a skimmer: after removing the skimmer basket, connect the vacuum cleaner hose directly to the pipe at the bottom of the skimmer. You can also connect the hose to an angled suction socket (called a skim vac) located above the skimmer basket. For optimal suction, the skimmer valve should be fully opened, and the bottom drain valve closed.

How To Connect A Pool Vacuum The Right Way

To handle the pool vacuum cleaner properly, the hose and vacuum should be gently lowered into the pool, holding the telescopic handle with one hand and the end of the hose with the other. As soon as you see that water is gushing out of the hose, plug it with the palm of your hand and then connect it into the vacuum socket.

Always check that the pool vacuum cleaner hose is submerged and filled with water before connecting it to the vacuum socket. If it contains air, the device will not be able to vacuum properly or at all.

When you have a tubular or freestanding above-ground pool, the filtration system is sometimes not powerful enough to allow the connection of a pool vacuum cleaner.

The solution? Opt for a venturi effect pool vacuum cleaner, which can be plugged into the garden hose! With this system, the garden hose is connected to a mini-nozzle on the pool vacuum cleaner, which considerably accelerates its flow and creates an incredible suction action.

A simple and economical solution to effectively clean an above-ground swimming pool.