How To Organize A Pool Party

Pool parties are ideal to enjoy the hot summer days and fun in the company of our family and friends. What better plan than throwing a great pool party? It will be an event that will delight all the guests, especially the children, and perfect to cool off, sunbathe and spend super fun moments.


The first step in organizing a pool party is making the invitations. Be original and creative by creating cards related to the theme of the party, containing images or drawings of floats, inflatable balls, swimsuits … and everything you can think of. Do not forget to indicate on the cards that guests must come prepared with a bathing suit, water shoes, towel, hat or cap, and sunscreen.


Decorating a pool party is a simple thing. Gather a few colorful floats as well as inflatable balls and some mats and spread them around the pool, they will add a fun and joyful touch to the event. In addition, any object that you have around the house that reminds you of summer can be used to decorate the party.

In case the party goes on into the night, a good idea is to place some outside lights around the pool to light up the pool area.


Of course, it is essential to have the right furniture so that guests are comfortable at all times. The best thing is to have hammocks, reclining chairs and the necessary tables to serve food and drink. Also, make sure you have a safe space where your guests can leave their belongings.


Without a doubt, something that can not be missing in a good party is food. In this case, it is best to prepare a light and simple menu, you can prepare a buffet that contains cold appetizers , buns with hamburgers, hot dogs and sandwiches. A very easy and quick idea to make that turns out to be a hit at any summer party.


To cool off in summer there is nothing better than serving a good assortment of seasonal fruits . Prepare some delicious fruit skewers and also serve other very cold foods such as ice cream or jellies for more variety.


Likewise, the food should be accompanied by cold drinks that keep the guests well hydrated. Make a few pitchers of thirst-quenching lemonade and other drinks like fruit slushies, smoothies, or refreshing cocktails . Also make sure that guests have fresh water at all times.

Games And Fun

Organizing games and activities in the pool is a great way to make the event a very pleasant and fun experience. The wars with balloons or water guns are ideal for entertaining and have a good time of laughter. You can also place a net in the center of the pool to play volleyball or prepare games with the inflatable balls and floats.

If you have a large pool, the best idea you can have to surprise the little ones is to place inflatables in the water, they will have a great time.