How To Prepare The Ground For An Above Ground Pool

The ground where we install the pool must be FIRM AND RESISTANT (do not install on balconies/terraces, soft or filled ground) LEVEL AND SMOOTH (without holes, or grass, roots or stones that could pierce the liner). The installation should be carried out between two or three adults, on a day without wind and when the heat is not excessive (first thing in the morning or mid-afternoon). The length of the installation will depend on the size of the pool (see your pool label or instructions).

How To Find The Perfect Spot For An Above Ground Pool

Choose a sunny area near an electrical socket (to connect the pool pump), the water intake (to fill the pool) and the drain (to empty the pool), and where there are no underground connections (water, gas, electricity). There is no risk of flooding because of rain. Find an area protected from the wind and without trees (pollen and leaves make the pool dirty). DO NOT install the pool under power lines.

Ground Preperation

Once the Place of Location has been chosen, you have two options:

– Install on a concrete or cement platform (perfectly smooth).
– Directly on the ground, after preparation.

Mark Out The Area

You will mark the area in which the pool is to be installed. If the pool is round, you should mark out the area 1 meter more than the diameter of your pool. If the pool is oval, mark the area out 1 meter longer and 2 meters wider than the pool. If the pool is square, mark the ground 1 meter bigger all round. Tools you would need Screwdriver, rope, funnel, flour.

Level the ground

Never add soil where the ground is sloped downwards, always remove soil where the ground is uphill. Clean roots, stones, etc. Compact the earth so that the ground is solid and supports the weight of the pool once it is filled with water. The ground must be level. So use a plumbers level on top of a long piece of wood to check the level of the ground. Tools you would need Hoe, shovel, level.

Once the ground is clean and leveled, you will spread a thin layer of sifted sand (maximum 1 cm thick), water it and compact it. Check again to make sure the ground is level. Tools you would need Water, garden roller, level, shovel, sifted sand.

Tools needed to assemble your pool

For the assembly of your pool, you will need, apart from those already mentioned. The following tools are usually necessary: Gloves, Phillips screwdriver, tape measure, utility knife, wrench set.