How to Vacuum a Pool to Waste with a Sand Filter?

Sometimes a swimming pool gets overwhelmed with leaves, algae, and debris on the bottom, which the standard automatic pool cleaner can’t cope with. Or we have a time constraint in which the pool needs to be cleaned fast. In this post, we will be discussing which is the correct multiport valve position to use when vacuuming a pool with a sand filter.

Why Do You Need To Vacuum A Pool To Waste?

The main reason for having to vacuum a pool to waste is algae blooms and excessive debris and leaves in the pool. You do not want to backwash because what will happen is that all the debris will clog the sand filter. Vacuuming to waste bypasses the filter completely.

What You Will Need To Vacuum A Pool To Waste

  • A vacuum head also called a vac head.
  • A telescopic pole to attach to the vac head.
  • A vacuum hose long enough to reach every area of your pool.
  • A skim vac or vacuum plate (if needed).
  • A scrub brush to attach to the pole.

How To Vacuum A Pool To Waste With Sand Filter

  • Firstly switch off the pool pump. Both the weir and pool pump baskets must be removed, cleaned, and refitted. This is to make sure that they are not already blocked which could cause a restriction in water flow when vacuuming.
  • Check to see that the swimming pool water level is at least half the height of the weir opening. The vacuuming process uses a lot of water.
  • The Multiport valve has six positions. Filter, Rinse, Recirculate, Backwash, Waste, and Closed. Because there is a lot of debris sitting on the bottom of the swimming pool the multiport setting must be on WASTE.
  • Remember to push down on the handle before turning it to the Waste position.
  • When the Multiport valve is in the waste position the dirty swimming pool water is going to bypass the sand filter and flow straight out the waste outlet pipe into the garden or drain.
  • If the Multiport valve is in either the Filter, Recirculate, or Backwash position all the debris that is being sucked up from the bottom of the swimming pool will be passing through the sand filter and back into the pool.
  • The sand filter will quickly get clogged and the smaller debris particles will be pumped straight back via the return jets straight back into the pool. This is a situation you do not want.
  • Connect the weir cover and pipes to the manual vacuum unit. Switch on the pool pump and continue vacuuming. When vacuuming is completed switch off the pool pump.
  • Remove and re-clean the weir and pool pump baskets. Replace the baskets. Check the swimming pool water level and fill if necessary. Test and correct the PH and chlorine levels after filling the swimming pool.
  • Reset the Multiport valve to filter for normal filtration.