How To Raise Low Chlorine Levels In Your Pool

Maintaining the correct Chlorine level in a swimming pool is important. If the level drops too low then there is a possibility of Bacteria and Algae Growth in the water.

The correct level of Chlorine in a residential swimming pool should be between 1-3ppm.

If the level is below 1ppm then there is no sanitizer to fight and prevent bacterial growth, which gives the swimming pool a greenish color and is unsafe to swim in.

How To Raise Low Chlorine Level In Your Pool

A thorough clean out of the pool pump basket and weir baskets, a thorough brushing of the swimming pool walls, steps, ladders, and the floor is necessary to get the dirt and bacteria mixed with the water.

Remove leaves and heavy dirt from the pool bottom. Then backwash the pool for 2 minutes and rinse for 20 seconds. This will clean the filter sand, so it is ready for the main filtering of the dirty water.

Then test and correct the PH level of the swimming pool water. The PH level for a Marbelite Pool should be between 7.2-7.6 and a Fiberglass Pool 7.0-7.2.

If the PH level is less than 7.2 in either a Marbelite or Fiberglass Pool Add HTH Soda Ash.

If the PH level is greater than 7.6 in either a Marbelite or Fiberglass Pool Add HTH Easy Acid.

When the PH level is correct then it is very important to also check and correct the Total Alkalinity of the swimming pool water. Total alkalinity is measured by its concentration in parts-per-million (ppm), and the ideal range is between 80-120ppm.

If the Total Alkalinity is low then Add HTH Alkalinity Up. 1kg of HTH Alkalinity Up should raise the Total Alkalinity by approximately 10ppm.

If the Total Alkalinity is high then Add HTH Dry Acid/Easy Acid. Never add more than 250g of HTH Dry Acid/Easy Acid at any one time.

With both the above levels corrected. HTH Granular and Mineral soft can now be added to the swimming pool water. If the pool water is excessively green and it has a sign of green algae then HTH Shock It can be used instead of or with the HTH Granular.

With the pool pump on and set on filter. Add 3 x the normal dose of HTH Granular plus 1 bag of HTH Shock It. Or just add 1 bag HTH Shock It. Add these chemicals around the sides of the pool in the early evening.

Test and correct the PH levels every 12 Hours until the swimming pool water is clear and the Chlorine Level is between 1-3ppm.