6 Fun-Filled Swimming Pool Games To Play

Swimming Pool games are always fun and exciting. We must be aware of safety especially when children are participating in these games. These pool games should only be played by those who are able to swim by themselves.

Swimming Pool Safety Rules When Playing Pool Games

  • Children must always be supervised by an adult that can swim.
  • Always put safety first.
  • Always remember water can be dangerous.
  • Children must obey your swimming pool rules.

Swimming Pool Races

With swimming pool races you can use the length or width of the pool. This depends on the strength and how well the children can swim.

The children can either start the race by diving into the water or they can start the race in the water against the swimming pool wall.

Make the race no more than 2 lengths of the pool at a time.

Marco Polo Swimming Pool Game

This is a swimming pool game everybody loves to play. There must be at least 2 children to play this game. One child will be Marco. The child that is Marco must keep their eyes closed during the game.

Marco will shout out the word “Marco” then the other children will shout out “Polo”. Now Marco must find touch and tag any Polo. Once another child is tagged then they become the new Marco.

A Polo is allowed to sneak out of the water and re-enter at the opposite end of the swimming pool. If the Marco suspects this they must shout out “fish out of the water”.

If a Polo is in fact out of the water then that polo becomes the new Marco.

Simon Says Swimming Pool Game

One child plays Simon and gives instructions to the other children for what they must do. Example:

  • Simon sais jump in the water.
  • Simon sais swim.
  • Simon sais go underwater.

If the child who plays Simon gives instruction but does not say Simon Says in the beginning, then the player who follows the instruction is out.

Also if a player does not do a task that Simon instructs them to do is out. The last player standing wins the game and then becomes Simon.

Underwater Race

Children start in the pool at the shallow end against the swimming pool wall. 2 or 3 can race at once. The aim of the race is to see who can swim the longest underwater until they resurface.

The last child that resurfaces is the winner. I suggest only older children play this game as it is too dangerous for younger inexperienced swimmers.

Sharks and Minnows Swimming Pool Game

You need quite a few children to play this game. One child will be nominated as the Shark who will stay at one end of the swimming pool while the other children will be all Minnows at the opposite end of the swimming pool.

The Minnows must try to get past the Shark to his side without being tagged. Whoever gets tagged now also becomes a shark. The game will continue until there is one Minnow left who will be the winner.

The last Minnow now becomes the Shark, and the game starts again.

Treasure Hunt Diving Swimming Pool Game

Weighted swimming pool toys or a 2 liter plastic coke bottle filled with water and the label removed is perfect for this game. When the plastic coke bottle is underwater it is difficult to see.

That’s why it’s perfect for this game.

The children can be either in or out of the swimming pool but they must be facing away from the water with there eyes closed. An adult must throw the bottle or toys in and count to 10.

Only then are the children allowed to find the bottle or toys. The toys can have points allocated to them so the child who collected the most toys wins.