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what causes algae in a swimming pool – Swimming Pool Tips

What Causes Black Algae To Grow In Your Pool?

There are many different types of algae that one can find in a pool. Black Algae is the worst. Black Algae has the most resistance to chlorine and other chemicals than any other type of algae. The reason for this is that the black algae have tiny tentacles that grip into the porous pores of … Read more

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Will Chlorine Kill Algae In a Pool?

Will Chlorine Kill Algae In A Swimming Pool? Normally Yes. Chlorine kills algae and bacteria by a chemical action called oxidation. Why Is Chlorine Used In Swimming Pools? Chlorine is used in swimming pools to act as a disinfectant and to stop the growth of algae.Without chlorine, most pools would be green within a few … Read more